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Contre la montre -The french term for time trialling is so simple and elegant. You have to give it to our neighbours from across the channel they have nailed it. There is no hiding or respite once you are out there. It is only you against the clock. You push yourself to the limit, sometimes take risks you would not even consider taking during a training ride or a chain gang. All to stop that clock ticking a few seconds earlier. It does not matter if you are doing your first time trial or trying to go sub 17 minutes for a 10 mile TT you are not Mick Jagger and time will never be on your side. But time trialling is not only brute force. There is the art of pacing your effort, choosing the correct cadence and the final piece of the puzzle- kit choice.

At Klin Cut Apparel we provide complete kit solutions for cycling clubs. It doesn’t matter if your next race is a Wednesday Evening Club TT or The Worlds. Casual wear, luggage, training kit for all weather conditions, race suits, aero socks, trisuits, skinsuits or speedsuits just name it and we can make it a reality. Before the 2017 World Amateur Championships in Albi we wanted to find out which skinsuit would be the fastest choice for the man behind the brand – Piotr Klin – as he prepared to represent his country on the World stage. Would the rear zip speedsuit used by the Polish National team during the Rio Olympics prove faster than the front hidden zip set-up used by M.Bodnar during the Worlds in Doha? The differences were minute but when you look at the silver medal won by 2s on a 24km course, these small differences made all the difference. Kudos to Pete and (even) better luck next time- Varese 2018 awaits. If you are looking for a complete kit solution for your club or group of friends contact us on and join the best to be the best.

Written by klin cut