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Let’s face it even though we are told the most wonderful time of the year is near it is not that great for cycling. The days are getting shorter and temperatures are plummeting. The good news is we have you covered when it comes to clothing for your winter cycling grind. The classy Ultra II line of products keeps the stealth looks while incorporating discreet safety panels which become reflective under direct light. When the weather turns unpredictable you can choose from our range of packable jackets and gilets. Wet roads? No problem our overshoes and winter socks will keep your toes nice and warm. Finally for the coldest of weather we offer a selection of baselayers ensuring your body temperature remains stable during extreme weather conditions.

While you continue to clock up your winter base miles take solace in Axl Rose’s wisdom ‘Nothing lasts forever even cold November rain’. Before you know it the racing season will be just around the corner. For connoisseurs of the race of truth it can mean only one thing- a season of chasing PBs be it 10, 25, 50 or 100 miles we want them all! The only problem is most of the time our pursuit of records is a story of mice and men. Everything seems to be against us. Wind blowing in the wrong direction, air pressure too high, cars seem to wait until the last moment to cut us off on the roundabout and that super-fast track tub decides to split itself in half a mile from the finish. That is why Klin Cut Apparel wants to give you the chance to finish your season on a high and put all the wrongs right by organising an end of season 10 mile time trial. The event organised under CTT regulations will take place on the 16 th of September 2018. The course that we chose to be our ‘battlefield’ is the notoriously fast K10/10 circuit that hosted the National Champs in 2003 won by the local tester Stuart Dangerfield clocking 19:39. Apart from the standard prizes you might expect on a regular open we will be throwing in something extra. However for the time being we won’t be revealing everything. After all September is still a long way away.

Written by klin cut